Access: Students through Cooperative Learning

assess through cooperative

Date of Event:  December 18, 2013.   Location: Spudnik Press Cooperative

Essential Highlights

What is Cooperative Learning?

  • Strategically structured group work so all students play an active role.

Why is it useful?

  • Builds social skills such as team work and collaboration.
  • Enriches students understanding of material by encouraging them to explain ideas and opinions to group members.
  • Promotes active learning.

(See Cooperative Learning PowerPoint)

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Summary of Event:

Our Access training on cooperative learning gave Communities In Schools of Chicago (CISC) community partners the tools to implement productive, engaged small group work with students. Cooperative learning moves beyond simply putting students together in a group.  By providing a strategic structure, all participants play an important role. This ensures that all students are productive team members, rather than tasks being unevenly distributed within the group.

Cooperative learning is based on both individual and group accountability; each student is given a specific task, yet the group is assessed as a whole. Using cooperative learning in the classroom teaches students social skills through the practice of teamwork and collaboration. Students learn to build off of one another’s strengths and weaknesses to enrich their understanding of the material.

The training provided tips on how to set up these working groups, such as: how many students per group (two-five) and assure there is a range of ability level in each group. Facilitators also offered ideas of specific activities that instructors could implement in their lessons (See Cooperative Learning PowerPoint).

See what some of your fellow CISC community partners had to say about the Vitalize Training

  • “More trainings! This is so valuable – thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn about something I didn’t even know I needed as badly as I do!”
  • “Thank you! This is very applicable and we will use what we learned to inform our chief instructor training.”
  • “I encourage the cooperative learning idea.  I think it is most beneficial to those who see kids on a continuous basis, not one shot deals. However, they were a lot of tid-bits that were useful.”
  • “Ample work time; supplies, etc. Was able to reflect in my work and I will use skills learned today.”

Materials from this training:


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