Vitalize: The Buzz for your Biz

vitalize the buzz

Date of Event: January 15, 2013.  Location: Weber Shandwick PR

Essential Highlights:


  • Present a clear, concise message of your organization: what you do and how you do it. Make sure that throughout the organization everyone is spreading a cohesive message.
  • Practice introducing your organization in 30 seconds by answering the 5 Ws: Who, What, When, Where, Why (How)

Brand Awareness:

Communication Style:

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Summary of Event

This past January, our Communities In Schools of Chicago (CISC) community partners came together to learn how to utilize communication tools for building awareness and community support for their organizations. Led by Kimberley Rudd, CISC communications Manager, the workshop began with an activity on how to present a clear and concise message of your organization: essentially who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Participants were given the chance to practice these ’30 Second Manifestos’ and given feedback on how to improve their message.

Afterward, participants discussed the importance of raising organizational awareness within a school and how taking the time to foster a relationship with a school can build support for your organization within the school community. Strong communication enables both parties to build a long-lasting relationship with one another, ultimately improving partners’ ability to connect more students with quality programming.

Participants were given the opportunity to reflect on their own unique communications style. Whether introverts or extroverts, storytellers or intellectuals, everyone learned the Eight Helpful Tips for developing and streamlining a Personal Communications Style (PCS).  At the end, participants were given the chance to practice the skills learned in the training by recording their ‘30 Second Manifesto’ in a promotional video for Weber Shandwick’s employee volunteerism program. 

See what some of your fellow CISC community partners had to say about the Vitalize Training:

  • “This training was awesome.  I’m excited to go back to the collective and share the information I learned today and put together a marketing plan for next year.”
  • “I truly enjoyed this meeting.  It gave me great ideas on how to market my school.  Thanks for all the tips and ideas.  Very engaging.”
  • “Would love to have a follow up to this and dive deeper into some of the topics.”

Materials from this training:



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