NAVIGATE Summer Institute


Date of Event:  July 25, 2013.    Location: DePaul University

Essential Highlights

  • Engaging keynote address by Michael Rohd, founding artistic director of Sojourn Theatre
  • Nine unique trainings divided into three break-out sessions.  Topics varied from increasing student engagement to presenting sensitive information in the classroom.
  • Facilitators included: Dr. Leah Christina Neubauer,  Rachel Bennett, Joanne Vena, Dr. Bob Pavlik, Jennifer Dixon, Thomas Dickson, Aimee-Lynn Newlan, Melissa Richardson, Elizabeth Levy, and Chrissy Rockrohr

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Summary of Event

This year’s first ever NAVIGATE Summer Institute was a success!  Last Thursday, 87 participants from 53 community partners came together for an all-day training event.  The day was split up into three break-out sessions with lunch provided at midday.  Participants tailored the day’s schedule to fit their own needs by choosing from one of three trainings for each of the break-out sessions. Some topics were completely new such as “Art” You Ready to Integrate the Arts? while others such as Dig Deeper into Formative Assessment and Collaborative Learning  were back by popular demand.

During lunch, keynote speaker Michael Rohd gave a participatory address on creating innovative community partnerships through dialogue. Michael Rohd is the founding artistic director of Sojourn Theatre, a 15 year-old ensemble-based company.  For those who couldn’t make it, a live stream of his address is available at:

The day ended with a wrap up plenary session in which participants were given the chance to reflect on the day’s training and share their insights and takeaways with others.  Those interested met at Goose Island Brewing Co. afterward for a drink and a chance to relax, mingle, and network with their fellow community partners.  A big thank you to all those who made this event possible/to all those who attended, we could not have done it without you!

See what some of your fellow CISC community partners had to say about the Summer Institute Training:

  • “I was able to find lectures relevant to my work and came away with tools and strategies I can’t wait to use!”   (Katie Sue Fisher, Anti-Cruelty Society)
  • “Keynote speaker was very engaging, built a strong rapport and helped connect the people in the room around common goals and concerns.”
  • On Make or Break Introductions:
    • “Super amazing presentation on introductions and icebreakers. Lots of new, exciting, and interesting tools to get students energized and also energize you. Best workshop I’ve ever attended! I hated ice breakers until this workshop. They made them fun once again. ” (Britt Barton, YWCA)
  • On Formative Assessment:
    • “STELLAR facilitation, she was able to make the session truly participatory. Got to grab some great assessment tools from peers, felt like my experiences/questions guided the session.”


Michael Rohd Keynote Address

Make or Break Introductions

Better than a Bribe

Logic Models and Curriculum Plans

Formative Assessment


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