Presenting Outcomes to Funders

presenting outcomes

Date of event: January 23, 2014

Location: Capital One Headquarters

Intended Audience: Program managers, executive staff

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One of the most difficult things that a program provider does is compile and communicate the impact of their program to funders. To help address this issue, CISC assembled an experienced team of program measurement experts from Heartland Alliance to help our partners think about how to design programs in order to make the impact measurement meaningful and clear. Emily Ardell, Joanna Cohen and Sydney Bern-Story led participants through a series of steps for quality impact measurement:

  1. Problem tree analysis: Problem trees help organizations define the root causes of the issue they are trying to address. This is an important exercise for program staff because it helps break down large issues into defineable, manageable chunks. It can also help teams identify gap areas that aren’t currently being addressed. See page 4 of the resource pack.
  2. Results framework design: A results framework is a visual representation of an organization’s (or program’s) main goal, strategic objectives, intermediate results and activities. The framework sets the stage for measurement and evaluation work, and helps funders and other stakeholders understand the logical progression of how the activities of an organization impact the issue being addressed. See page 7 of resource pack and slides 11-16 of the PowerPoint presentation for more information. 
  3. M&E (measurement and evaluation) plan: An M&E plan shows how each strategic objective, intermediate result and activity will be tracked and measured. See page 8 of the resource pack and slides 20-38 of the PowerPoint presentation. 
  4. Turning results into $$$: Good funder communication relies on understanding what your funder most cares about and representing your program impact in meaningful and engaging ways. See slides 43-50 in the PowerPoint presentation. 

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