Collaboration and Networking Event

panoramic view

Location: Chicago Literacenter

Presenter: Amanda Friedeman, Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center

amanda teaching (2)
Amanda Friedeman explaining partnership models

Partnership and collaboration are ideas that most non-profits are familiar with, but they can difficult to implement without becoming more difficult and frustrating. Amanda helped to walk participants through several though exercises that all organizations should think through before approaching another organization for collaboration.

Use Amanda’s PowerPoint to guide you through thinking about collaboration with another organization: Collaboration and Networking Presentation

Many things to keep in mind when considering a partnership:

  • Your org’s area of expertise
  • Who do you serve?
  • What is the goal of your org’s programs? What is it that you want students to walk out the door with?
  • What resources do we have as and organization? Think creatively. Space, money, volunteers, location…
  • What are your organization’s gaps?

Use this worksheet to think more deeply about your own organization: Collaboration worksheet

Let’s go deeper in thinking about strong partnerships. Use this Collaboration Matrix to think about how your shared vision, values, skills, incentives, assets, and communication styles: Collaboration Matrix

Let’s talk examples!

Construction Model:

  • Illinois Holocaust Museum and Peace Exchange – Peace Exchange visited 4 schools and talked with students about peace and being a peace-builder. Students then visited the museum’s “Race” exhibit, led by museum staff. Lastly, the Peace Exchange followed up with students back at their schools to help integrate the concepts of peace-making and the stories from the Holocaust Museum.

Collaboration Model:

  • CIS of Chicago brought together sexual health education partners and healthy relationships partners to talk about the importance of each other’s content knowledge and the combination of their programming so that students both understand healthy sexual relationships and have a safe place to disclose abuse in their school.

Resource Sharing:

  • Cook County Farm Bureau shared lesson plans with teachers at a training through The Kitchen Community school garden training.
collaboration heart
Collaboration ideas from participants




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