CIS of Chicago Summer Institute 2016

July 20, 2016

Erikson Institute

Playing board games, practicing mindfulness, populating alpha vocabulary grids, and using classroom objects as instruments to represent new concepts – Summer Institute attendees certainly learned how to think “outside the box” when it comes to engaging students in learning. Populating our Twitter pages as well as training ourselves and training our staff were a few important lessons handed out to participants to strengthen their teams and organizations. Over 50 different organizations attended the event, sharing ideas and perspectives swirling in the bright, sunny space of the Erikson Institute! Thank you to all of our participants for making Summer Institute 2016 a successful event!

The presentations and materials for each workshop are below, as well as a summative reflection from the plenary session.

List of presenters (alphabetical)

  • Caryn Curry
  • Chelsea Duffy
  • Brittany Elliott
  • Paul Fagen
  • Lindsay Fredrickson
  • Eric Heidbreder
  • April McFadden
  • Brittany Merritt
  • Dayla Simon
  • Brian Van Slyke

Presenters’ bios

Workshops #1

April McFadden

“What’s Trending: Making your organization a trending topic” with April McFadden

 “How am I sharing things in a way that people will follow and share?” April McFadden

Connect with Communities In Schools of Chicago: Twitter: @CISofChicago  Facebook: Communities In Schools of Chicago  LinkedIn: Communities In Schools of Chicago

Caryn Curry

“Integrating Social Emotional Learning into Your Curriculum” with Caryn Curry

 “As adults, our own social emotional competency directly impacts our students.” Caryn Curry 

Dayla Simon_headshot for blog

“Vocabulary Integration Strategies” with Dayla Simon

“Make words flavorful.” Dayla Simon

Connect with Dayla: Twitter @DaylaASimon  Pinterest: CIS of Chicago Vocabulary Integration Strategies

Workshops #2

Brittany Elliot

“Putting the Test to Rest: Assessment without pre- and post- tests” with Brittany Elliott

“There are multiple ways to assess student learning.” Brittany Elliott

BMerritt Headshot

“Building Observation Tools to Support Your Classroom Facilitators” with Brittany Merritt

“One of the greatest gifts you have as a facilitator is transparency.” Brittany Merritt

Connect with Brittany: Twitter & Instagram – @brittanybianca5

Paul Fagen

“Effective Presentation Skills” with Paul Fagen

“Give information in 3s” Paul Fagen 

Workshops #3 


“Creating a Differentiated Classroom” with Chelsea Duffy

“Think access.” Chelsea Duffy

Eric HLindsy Fredrickson

“Meaningful Music Integration” with Eric Heidbreder and Lindsay Fredrickson

“You don’t need an instrument to make music.” Eric Heidbreder

Connect with Fifth House Ensemble:
Facebook – Fifth House Ensemble
Twitter – @FifthHouse
Instagram – @5he

Brian Van Slyke pic

“An Introduction to Using Games for Engaging Education” with Brian Van Slyke

“Cooperative games are not about winning or losing; they are about the process itself.” Brian Van Slyke

Connect with TESA collective: Twitter: @toolboxfored



“Now What: The Art of the End” presented by Katrina Pavlik

Plenary presentation

“We do not learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on experience.” John Dewey

Want to connect directly with a presenter? Contact us and we’ll connect you! 312.829.2475 ext 29.


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