Top 10 School Priorities: 2016-2017

February 28, 2017

All of us are trying to improve the lives of youth in Chicago. We may go about it in different ways and focus on different aspects of a person’s life, but ultimately, we are united under this lofty goal.

Because of this, many of you ask us what schools are asking for. What do schools need? What are schools scheduling? Where does my program fit in? What are the school priorities?

The answer to these questions depend on many factors. CIS of Chicago school partnership specialists work tirelessly to learn these nuances and to develop relationships so that we can collectively provide the resources and partnerships that schools and community partners will find meaningful and lasting.

We ask school leaders to think outside the box in terms of meeting these priorities and finding creative ways to address issues in their school.  For example, an arts program could address diversity and tolerance through art making. A STEM program may discuss potential career paths as part of the curriculum.

Although the answer to those big questions regarding schools’ needs is nuanced and more complicated than a simple list, in an effort to help community organizations get a sense of what CIS of Chicago partner schools are identifying as school-wide areas of need, we wanted to provide you with the top 10 priority areas of this school year. This information is below.

If you have questions or any anything you’d like clarified, please reach out to your partnership specialist and thank you for your work in helping to improve the lives of Chicago’s youth.

  1. Anti- Bullying/Diversity and Tolerance (81% of network schools prioritizing)
  2. Career Awareness (50%)
  3. SEL Large Group (46%)
  4. Eye Exams and Glasses (44%)
  5. Sexual Health/Puberty (43%)
  6. STEM Field Trip (40%)
  7. Arts Residency (39%)
  8. In-School Professional Performance (36%)
  9. Performing Arts Field Trip (36%)
  10. Motivational Speaker (36%)

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