The NAVIGATE Training Series addresses the expanding needs of our community partners and CIS of Chicago’s ongoing commitment to improve the quality and capacity of partner-provided programs.

CIS of Chicago built a strong track record of helping community partner organizations through access to trainings, workshops and networking opportunities that build organizational capacity, develop program effectiveness and delivery, cultivate productive partnerships and reach the greatest possible number of students.  Beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, CIS of Chicago  institutionalized NAVIGATE as an annual, strategic campaign of quality and capacity building efforts.

Through community partner surveys, CIS of Chicago program observations, student evaluations and research on emerging educational trends and evidence-based models of learning, the NAVIGATE series emerged in direct response to the data collected. The series provides and extensive array of expert-led trainings and events focused on cooperative learning strategies, presentation skills, classroom management, urban school environments, evaluation and assessment models, Common Core alignment and inter-agency collaboration.

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For more information on the NAVIGATE Training Series, contact Robin Koelsch at or 312.829.2475 X 35



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