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Summer Institute 2018

We are so lucky to have such wonderful, knowledgable and talented presenters for this year's Summer Institute where our theme is: "How will you use what you gained today to better the lives of your students?" This year's institute will be happening over two days and locations: Tuesday, July 24 at the North Lawndale Christian … Continue reading Summer Institute 2018


Students share what they want from community partners.

CIS of Chicago cares about what students think. This spring, CIS of Chicago offered a student leadership program to 6th-8th grade students from three CIS of Chicago schools. Students discussed the qualities of a leader, learned about their own leadership and learning styles, and generated what they believed are the types of programs their peers … Continue reading Students share what they want from community partners.

Inclusive Programs and Cultural Responsiveness

March 7, 2018- Literacenter What a successful morning! Mimi Macbeth and Rosey Puloka, both dance movement therapists, introduced terms, theories, and tools for creating inclusive and culturally responsive programs. They guided participants through a reflection of their own identities and shared how to be inclusive to individuals with disabilities, affirming to all gender and sexuality … Continue reading Inclusive Programs and Cultural Responsiveness

Refining Your Elevator Speech

November 16, 2017- Literacenter What a great morning! Below you will find a link to the presentation and the accompanying resources, including the elevator pitch script template to get you and your team started. Remember to find your truth teller and practice! Presentation- Gordon Mayer Blahblahblah- Elevator Pitch Article  Your Elevator Pitch Needs An Elevator Pitch … Continue reading Refining Your Elevator Speech

Summer Institute 2017

This year, more than 143 attendees from 55 organizations attended our Summer Institute sessions. Each day had a theme with multiple speakers and time for brainstorming through common challenges. Monday, July 17 Assessment: The feedback loop of program assessment Janet Green (Insight Project for Kids): Presentation Gordon Mayer (communications consultant): Presentation Ericka Dawson (Girls In … Continue reading Summer Institute 2017

Social Emotional Learning and Student Engagement

April 26, 2017 We had a full house in the Chicago Literacy Alliance's "Roombinson Crusoe" and "Swiss Family Roombinson" conference rooms for the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Student Engagement training, led by Caryn Curry. Participants learned how social and emotional learning is not only a list of skills but a process, and they experienced … Continue reading Social Emotional Learning and Student Engagement