Please reach out if you’d like to learn more, submit a blog post or just to tell us a story about your experience as a CIS of Chicago partner!

Robin Koelsch

Director of Partnerships

Robin Koelsch 312-829-2475 ext. 35


Karen Roddie

Behavioral & Mental Health Partnership Specialist

Karen Roddie 312-829-2475 ext. 37



Health and Wellness Partnership Specialist

Kaniya Samm 312-829-2475 ext. 29


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Arts Partnership Specialist

Emma MacLean  312-829-2475 ext. 48


Adam Lindemulder

College and Career Partnership Specialist

Adam Lindemulder  312-829-2475 ext. 38



815 W Van Buren St., Suite 300

Chicago, IL 60607

312-829-2475- Phone

312-829-2610- Fax