Materials & Resources

General Resources:

Find materials from all of the NAVIGATE trainings here:


Arts Working Group



Collaboration 2.0

Student Development and the School-Based Program

Classroom Management 101



Becoming Trauma Informed

How Role Play Can Enhance Learning & Behavior Change

Health Education Working Group #1

Classroom Management and Brainstorming Breakfast

Collaboration and Networking Event

Classroom Management 101



Beyond Worksheets

Resources for Read-Aloud:

Social Emotional Learning in School-Focused Programs

Arts Working Groups

Amplify the Impact of Your Short-Term Program

Yes, We Do Need to Talk about Race

Violence Prevention Working Group – IV

Summer Institute 2014: 



Presenting Outcomes to Funders

Using the Arts to Unlock Student Potential

CPS 101 and Classroom Management: 

Summer Institute 2013:

ASSESS Your Impact through Meaningful Evaluations

GROW Your Understanding of Urban Schools

IMPROVE Student Learning through Classroom Management

VITALIZE the Buzz of your Biz

ACCESS Student through Cooperative Learning




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